Bad Press

It wasn't us - we have never had upfront charges

A website with a similar name was

Why They Are Wrong !

We have never had upfront charges
We didn't even sell PPI

The Wrong Site

The Yes Loans that was charging fees was something like - It wasn't this site,

Web Reviews

Despite the web being full of negative reviews, none of them are about this site. We have never had one complaint lodged with the FCA.

Lazy Journalists

People who blame were just lazy and never did the basic checks to their story.

The Bad Yes Loans

The people who did run the site that people were complaining about were banned by the OFT many years ago. We have never met them and don't know who or where they are.

Don't Believe Us

Give us a call and discuss your concerns.
We have a great reputation, unfortunately
we can't control when someone starts a site on a similar domain name

The Full Story

We are well aware of the negative publicity surrounding the Yes Loans brand. Direct and to the point, it has nothing to do with this website - - and it never has. Unfortunately, people don't check their facts when it comes to blaming someone, especially those in the media.

The Truth

There was a company that used a domain name similar to ours. The domain name was something like These people were charging applicants upfront admin fees in return for finding them a loan. When the loan never arrived these fraudsters would refuse to refund the victim.

The victim would then take to the internet and tell everyone that they had been ripped off by "Yes Loans". Most people, thinking logially that Yes Loans - being a UK site - think that Yes Loans would operate from These people then spread the news and before you know it, this site has a bad reputation for something it has no knowledge of.

The OFT banned the original website involved by revoking it's license and it is no longer operating. We, however, are still here as you can see. We have interim permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority to operate this site. We have no complaints against us and do not charge any type of admin fees. We do not believe in admin fees, in fact we actively warn people not to pay any type of fee to anyone.

Maybe one day people will check their facts - we hold our breath!

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