Claiming Back PPI
Claiming Back PPI
We receive a lot of emails and letters from people trying to reclaim PPI from Yes Loans. Please read this page before contacting us.

We have never sold PPI or any type of insurance policy to our customers. It may have been a different site using a similar name.

Claiming Back PPI From Yes Loans

In short, we have never sold PPI or any PPI products. It is possible that you may have had a PPI product from a lender that used a name similar to ours but we can 100% guarantee that it wasn't us.

We regret that we are unable to handle any PPI claims against Yes Loans.

As a company, we have never sold any PPI products. We disagreed with them being sold because we always knew they were of little benefit to our customers. Several years later it appears that our views on the products have been vindicated.

Each day we receive about 15 letters or emails complaining that we missold them PPI. We are not sure why they think this as we have no record of these customers. As with the upfront fee issues, we believe that there was, maybe still is, a website out there using a version of Yes Loans in their name.

If you disagree with our stance and believe that we are not telling you the truth about the fact we never sold PPI. You have the right to lodge a complaint via our complaints procedure.

Should you still be unhappy with our decision, you have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Yes Loans will never contact you, we will never market to you. Don't send money to people who phone you claiming to be us and asking for fees in order to get your loan. You will lose your money.

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