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Saturday, 27 May 2017 10:09

Cost of starting a family, believe it or not, is £10,000!

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Starting a family should, in theory, happen when the time is right for both partners. But, nowadays, there is a third party that plays just as much of a part – the state and solidness of a current account.

Money is now the key when it comes to deciding whether or not it is wise to start a family – it may sound harsh, but it is certainly true.

Everyone knows that raising a child isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it is certainly getting more difficult when finances are getting ever more tight.

A recent survey, for instance, highlighted that it costs nearly £10,000 a year to have a baby and raise it in terms of clothing and food. Now this seems like a hefty number, but we can completely believe it. The price of cots and pushchairs, especially if it is your first child, is astronomical and many people get sucked in by buying the very best that money can buy in terms of branded and well known product names as they believe that their first born should have the finest that money can buy.

We are here to say it doesn’t have to be this way. Why should you spend hundreds of pounds on cots and pushchairs? The baby isn’t going to know the difference. By all means get something that the baby is comfortable in and looks nice but don’t break the bank on items that, in the grand scheme of things, really don’t matter. You should save the money for when you may actually need it- like when they need financial help for their first home for instance!

First and foremost, buy and get all the essentials out of the way. Buy baby grows, get a pushchair that has good reviews but doesn’t break the bank and do the same with nursery furniture such as the cot.

Then, think about it. What else do you need? You need to buy essentials and not luxuries. Luxuries, more than likely, will be purchased for you from loving family and friends who are equally excited to meet your new bundle of joy. Cuddly toys, pretty dresses and handsome dungarees will all come in their droves once the baby is born so you shouldn’t feel pressure to dress your baby in designer outfits from the offset.

Many people also don’t like the thought of putting their baby in second hand clothes or using second hand furniture, but if it is as good as new what’s the harm? If you listen to parents that have been there and done it they will tell you that spending money on brand new everything is silly. What do babies do the most of? That’s right. They are constantly sick. This means things get ruined so what’s the point in having top notch everything.

Don’t be snobby. If someone is advertising a pushchair ‘as good as new’ go and look at it. There will more than likely be some great bargains to be had. Clothes at the new born stage are also only worn a couple of times before a baby grows out of them – so again, make sure you never turn your nose up at hand me downs.

Even though when we start a family we put pressure on ourselves to stand on our own two feet, you should still accept offers of help from people. For many people, even though it is an exciting time, it is also a very stressful one with all the life changes and upheaval, so if help is offered take it. If family members offer to buy a moses basket etc, make sure you accept it.

You have nine months before the baby is here so in that time you have ample opportunity to watch price increases or offers on certain products. Bottles and nappies aren’t cheap but if you watch out for special offers you may be able to save yourself a few bob.

As with anything, it’s all about being sensible with the money you have. You don’t want to be getting yourself into money woes as soon as your baby arrives. It should be a time for relaxation and enjoyment and not worrying about how much has been spent and how things are going to be paid for in a months’ time when the credit card bill comes through. 

Be frugal and enjoy a baby how it should be enjoyed, not through materialistic things.

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